This workshop will probably take place on June 21 in the morning at the Parque do Flamengo ( either 18 or 19 in the morning) .

We will notify you of the exact date via our website as soon as possible : For more information, please contact : occasion of the People’s Summit , parallel to the United Nations Conference United Nations Conference on sustainable Development Rio + 20 in June 2012, the Collective Biopiracy desired mobilized to inform about the dangers caused by Biopiracy : Biopiracy is the misappropriation of biological resources and associated traditional knowledge. It is mainly start by cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food companies with the patent system , which goes against the interests of indigenous peoples who hold this knowledge on these natural resources. This participatory workshop will bring together leading environmental movements mobilized against the appropriation of living , and representatives of indigenous peoples . This workshop aims to share , inform, discuss and find practical alternatives for Biopiracy : this will be done through case studies on alternative models for Biopiracy , on methods of strengthening the capacity of communities , as well as instruments for recovery and protection of traditional knowledge. The Biopiracy Collective hopes to have his presence to enrich the international network mobilized to protect natural resources and traditional knowledge , developing alternatives against those illegitimate practices.

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