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The main maca markets include the US, China, and Japan.


Even amid the smuggling and biopiracy of the Peruvian maca root, the extremely sought after food reached a total of US$ 28.7 million of worth in exports last year, according to Andina news agency.

Government authorities are working to contain these smuggling and biopirating perpetrators to conserve the truth of its genuine origin, in the Andes of Peru.

Perus Export and Tourism Promotion Board (Promperu) conducted a report on the roots performance and concluded a 109% increase in the exports last year.

From US$ 28.7 million, the maca root powder produced a US$ 17 million income in 2014. Maca powder exports grew 111% in 2014 due to the shocking increase in demand from major economies such as the US, China, and Japan. The highest importer was the US with US$ 9.7 million, followed by Hong Kong and China with US$ 5.3 million and US$ 5 million, respectively.

Last Friday, the Maca Growers Association, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), and Promperu, agreed to improve the management and production of maca in Peru.

The institutional agreement will serve to strengthen professional and managerial capacities of producers of maca, promote maca internationally, and support the process of its industrialization.

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