By Hillary Ojeda

Rising demands of maca abroad have brought issues of biopiracy with it.


The Peruvian National Commission Against Biopiracy is reviewing a patent for maca, after an application emerged from Poland.

The last few years have seen an astronomical increase in shipments of native Peruvian maca root abroad, and as well multiple cases of biopiracy from China, Korea, and Poland.

President of the commission, Andrés Valladolid, announced a new case of a request to patent maca.

“We are now analyzing a new patent in Poland. In this case we are taking a while because the patent is in Polish, and we have the difficulty of translation,” Valladolid told the Working Group on the Protection and Promotion of the Maca and Other Genetic Resources of the Commission of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Congress.

Following proper translation and analysis, the biopiracy commission announced its plans to reject the request. As for the cases in China and Korea, the commission successfully rejected an application from China while Korea denied the application before review.

With advanced technology detecting biopiracy, the commission keeps a sharp eye for attempts to claim native resources as their own.

“We reiterate that we constantly monitor the database of possible cases worldwide,” said Valladolid.

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