Gene Giants: Climate saviors or profiteers?

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Gene Giants: Climate saviors or profiteers?

Biotech companies seek hundreds of patents for genetically modified «climate-ready» seeds.

A recent report by an agricultural advocacy group says that some of the world’s largest biotechnology companies such as Monsanto, BASF, and Syngenta are seeking hundreds of patents on seeds designed to withstand the environmental stresses of global warming. While industry representatives say that traditional farming practices won’t withstand the impact of sea level and drought, the report is wary of past failures of genetically engineered seeds.

Hope Shand is the Research Director at ETC Group, which advocates for global agricultural issues such as conservation of biodiversity, food security and the impact of new technologies on the rural poor. Hope is the author of Harvesting Nature’s Diversity, the official document on agricultural biodiversity published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. She is also co-author of The Ownership of Life: When Patents and Values Clash.


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