Peru’s maca boom could fall flat if China starts growing its own

Chinese demand for the Andean crop is getting cash flowing to farmers, but suspicions of biopiracy are leading to calls to protect Peru’s natural resources. The high plain stretches as far as the eye can see and the glint of sun on water in the distance marks Lake Junin. This highland lagoon, which gives this [...]

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Maca patent requests emerging in Poland, China

By Hillary Ojeda Rising demands of maca abroad have brought issues of biopiracy with it. The Peruvian National Commission Against Biopiracy is reviewing a patent for maca, after an application emerged from Poland. The last few years have seen an astronomical increase in shipments of native Peruvian maca root abroad, and as well multiple cases [...]

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Vegetable Spawns Larceny and Luxury in Peru

By WILLIAM NEUMAN JUNÍN, Peru — Thieves recently broke into a storehouse in this farming town high in the Andes, knocked the manager over the head and made off with 2,600 pounds of contraband. Trucks have been surreptitiously crossing the border, laden with an illicit substance bound for China. And with the price of their [...]

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Peru is a world leader in protecting genetic resources

By Rachel Chase Peru’s efforts to preserve valuable biodiversity have been so successful they’re now advising other countries on the issue. Andrés Valladolid of Peru’s National Biopiracy Commission, told press that “We have a law that establishes a regimen of protection for the collective knowledge held by indigenous peoples in relation to biological resources. This [...]

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EU debates biopiracy law to protect indigenous people

  The European parliament is debating a draft biopiracy law requiring industry to compensate indigenous people if it makes commercial use of local knowledge such as plant-based medicines. Under the law – based on the international convention on access tobiodiversity, the Nagoya protocol – the pharmaceuticals industry would need the written consent of local or indigenous people before exploring [...]

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Anaesthetic gel could replace dentist’s needle

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent Indigenous tribes uncovered the remarkable painkilling properties of the Acmella oleracea plant centuries if not millennia ago and it was used by Incas to treat toothache, ulcers, abscesses and to clean their teeth. Now a Cambridge University researcher says the remedy could transform practice in western dental surgeries after discovering [...]

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New rice variety could ease Mozambique’s supplies

Most rice fields in Mozambique are rain-fed - 15/01/2011 [MAPUTO] Smallholders struggling to grow rice in Mozambique could benefit from a variety that boosts yields nearly six-fold and is less prone to disease.The new rice has an average yield of seven tonnes per hectare and is more resistant to diseases such as fungal blast and [...]

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Biopiracy Leaves Native Groups Out in the Cold

HUMBERTO MÁRQUEZ / 09/02/2011 CARACAS, Feb 9, 2011 (IPS) - Millions of cancer patients around the world benefit from a medication called Paclitaxel (Taxol), which may begin to be produced from a new source: fungi found at the summit of Venezuela's flat-topped mountains. But the indigenous communities who have lived in that area since time [...]

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